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24 hour ordering service – Call 0191 237 3073

Due to software compatibility issues, website prices are currently out of date. If you have any queries, please contact us on: 0191 237 3073.

Our retail store provides customers with all of our fresh and packaged products

Open Tues-Sat 9-5.30* opening times vary
Deliveries daily for the freshest produce

Our retail shop is open to everyone. With our expert knowledge of fresh fruit, vegetables, salad, dairy products and groceries you are assured of superb quality and value. Our retail selection is sourced from same trusted producers and manufacturers as our wholesale range and you can buy as little or as much as you like.

Take advantage of the great prices and stock up your cupboards at Laidler's. Our opening times are:
* Tues: 10 - 2, Wed: 10 - 4, Thurs & Fri: 9 - 4.30 & Sat: 9 - 4.30. Closed Sun & Mon.

Retail fruit and vegetables

Cash and Carry

Caters for all – shops, cafes, takeaways, bars, event caterers and so on. It is what it says – cash and carry – no credit accounts, no online ordering, no delivery (collection only) – leading to rock bottom, unbeatable prices! Case sales only. Customers will need to visit the retail department for quantities less than case size. Huge selection of products to choose from. Customers can browse around and select their own products or our staff will put their order up. No need to 'prove' you run a business to be served unlike some other cash and carries. Orders can be telephoned / emailed / faxed and be put ready by our staff in time for a pre-arranged collection time. Access to one-off clearance deals.

Open 6 days a week: Mon: 6am - 12pm, Tues: 6am - 2pm, Wed-Sat: 6am - 4pm

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Laidler’s are celebrating over 100 years of supplying fresh produce